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Nov 07, 18

The best vape pens deliver premium vapor on-the-go. They’re pocket-friendly but powerful, offering advanced settings, heating, and vapor production. And they pack a potent dose that won’t break the bank.

But here's the problem...

With so many options out there, it’s tough finding the right device for you.

If you’re on the hunt for your next device, here are the best vape pens of 2018 for concentrates, dry herb, and eliquid. 

For even more options, we have the best vaporizers of 2018 right here. 

Best Vaporizer Pens for Concentrates

There are many vape pens for concentrates out there. All of them can get the job done, but only a chosen few excel in nearly every area from vapor production and design down to usability and quality. Here are the best vape pens for concentrates to look out for in 2018. 

Yocan Evolve Plus - $49.99

 Yocan Evolve Plus


  • 1100mAh Battery
  • Dual Quartz Atomizer
  • Leak-Proof Cap
  • Built-In Concentrate Container
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • 15 Second Auto-Shut-Off
  • 3 Second Heating

Yocan Evolve Plus packs more power than the usual vape pen, which is why it has a wider build to make room for its 1100mAh battery. The stronger battery gives you lightning fast 3-second heating, and 15-second auto-shut-off feature to conserve concentrates and battery power, and a long battery life. A large dual quartz rod atomizer heats far faster than ceramic and delivers excellent taste since the quartz doesn’t rub off on vapor. The Evolve is the best vape pen for flavor chasers who want power, portability, and ease-of-use.

Temperature flexibility is limited. The longer you hold the button down, the more the coil will heat up until the 15-second auto-shut-off kicks in. You can pulse the button to maintain, to some degree, the temperature you want. After a few sessions, you’ll get the hang of how long you need to hold the button down to produce the clouds you like. Holding down the button for the entire 15 seconds will produce giant rips. Just a few seconds will deliver smaller, smoother, more flavorful hits. We recommend holding the power button down for 3 to 5 seconds for the best vapor quality.